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What''s custom important to you and your family about your US car vans or truck custom or something new entirely that you''ll be driving in just a few years.Our mission at Certified Used Vehicles is to provide a safe, reliable and enjoyable driving experience. None of our cars and trucks is more than 4 model years old. We select only those with 60,000 miles or less at the time of application and every single one must meet our strict 100+ point mechanical and appearance standardsBusy people live in their vehicles so it''s no wonder most go about buying one the same way you shop for a home: with a list of necessary features. vans Do you need a vehicle you can take business associates out in?

Our company puts its 18 years experience as leaders in the windshield repair industry to work for you! Beginning as a supplier, now a manufacturer to the windshield repair industry, we have since expanded into a full range of auto-related services. Find out more about the lucrative opportunities we offer for you to start your own windshield repair business! Established in 1984, is a privately held corporation, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, custom Florida. We began as a supplier to the windshield repair industry and have since expanded into a full range of auto-related services. continues to maintain its position as the leaders in the windshield repair industry. Customers Our customer base is made up of people looking to start their We are an internationally-branded online automotive commerce company. We provide consumers with automotive solutions throughout the lifecycle of vehicle ownership while providing automotive product and service providers with reduced costs of customer acquisition and sales completion.

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